A symposium to provide training in cutting-edge wound care techniques

A symposium to provide training in cutting-edge wound care techniques

A symposium to provide training in cutting-edge wound care techniques 833 439 The Urgo Foundation

Wound care is a critical aspect of healthcare, demanding continuous education and exploration of innovative techniques. One such avenue for learning is the WoundConSpring Preconference Industry Symposium, a part of the broader WoundCon event, an online Virtual Wound Care Conference accessible to licensed healthcare professionals worldwide. This year’s symposium, held on March 20th, was supported by the Urgo Foundation and focused on debridement techniques*, drawing the attention of 475 health professionals from various specialties.

Under the expertise of esteemed presenters including Michael Desvigne, MD, FACS, CWS, FACCWS; Kara Couch, MS, CRNP, CWCN-AP, FAAWC; Shishir Shah, DO; and Gregory Schultz, PhD, attendees were guided through a comprehensive exploration of the subject matter.

The learning objectives were structured to:

  • Outline current and emerging debridement techniques and techniques that aid or support debridement
  • Identify the chemistry behind debridement technologies and the synergies between some.
  • Assess how some products may work synergistically in the area of necrotic matter/slough removal

Over 80% of participants reported acquiring fresh insights, ranging from grasping the fundamental principles of wound debridement to understanding the significance of minimizing bioburden. One attendee encapsulated their learning experience, stating, “I gained invaluable knowledge about the chemistry behind various dressing agents.”

A significant highlight of the event was the unveiling of new data. Three-quarters of attendees were introduced to new concepts, with many participants revealing “having never heard of highly negative charged dressings, which was very interesting.”

This program will continue to be available on-demand for the coming year, thus offering a continuous avenue for education on this topic.

By bringing together experts and practitioners from diverse backgrounds, such events serve as catalysts for advancing the field and ultimately improving patient outcomes!

*Wound debridement is the removal of all devitalized tissue that promote bacterial growth and infection.