Epidermolysis bullosa

Since its creation, the URGO Foundation has committed to fight Epidermolysis bullosa (EB), a rare genetic skin disorder affecting many children around the world.

This condition causes blisters on the skin, which becomes extremely fragile and, at the slightest friction,  turns into an open wound that do not heal.

The pain is beyond words for children, but it is also indescribable for their families.

The Foundation supports many initiatives— particularly in France, Poland, Colombia, Brazil and China —to provide treatment for this terrible disease, which is still too poorly understood.

Training for healthcare professionals

Donations of wound care solutions to better treat patients

Funding for special equipment to improve patient care

Parent education to teach them how to effectively care for their children

Communication of best care practices to physicians

In 2019, the URGO Foundation once again held an “EB Summer Camp” in Poland for children affected by the disease and their parents.

Its aim ?

For one week, to provide them with comfort and support alongside healthcare professionals who are specialised in the disease (meetings, bandaging and care workshops, games, etc.).

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