Addressing the challenge of wound infection in Vietnam!

Addressing the challenge of wound infection in Vietnam!

Addressing the challenge of wound infection in Vietnam! 2560 1707 The Urgo Foundation

Wound infection poses a significant healthcare challenge in Vietnam, with rates soaring above 80% for chronic wounds and surpassing 50% for acute wounds. Compounding this issue is the limited knowledge of wound infection management, particularly in 2nd tier hospitals.

To combat this pressing concern, the Urgo Foundation Infection Conference was organized to raise awareness among healthcare professionals about the effective management of infected wounds.

National Key Opinion Leaders from the Wound Management Association (WMA) in Ho Chi Minh City, along with experts from prominent hospitals such as University Medicine Hospital and the 115 Hospital, based in Ho Chi Minh City, led the conference.

It was divided into 3 sections, to raise awareness of the attendees about:
– the current Status of Infected Wound Care in Vietnam
– the management of Acute Wound Infection
– the management of Chronic Wound Infection, with a focus on Diabetic Foot Ulcer and pressure ulcers.

The objectives of this conference were multiple:

  • Educating Doctors and Nurses, particularly in 2nd Tier Hospitals, about the management of infected wounds.
  • Promoting Awareness of Advanced Dressings by encouraging the adoption of advanced wound dressings in infection management.
  • Building Relationships with Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) by establishing connections with experts in various provinces to extend their influence and enhance access to professional treatment.
  • Being a Healing People Foundation, by highlighting the Urgo Foundation’s commitment to facilitating wound healing.

The conference attracted 127 healthcare professionals, all of whom would recommend this training.

Through ongoing efforts like the Urgo Foundation Infection Conference and the development of innovative educational programs, the Urgo Foundation renews its commitment to improve wound care practices, enhance patient outcomes, and alleviate the burden of wound infections in Vietnam.