Advanced wound care: highlighs from two major events in the United States!

Advanced wound care: highlighs from two major events in the United States!

Advanced wound care: highlighs from two major events in the United States! 719 479 The Urgo Foundation

During the Symposium of Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) that took place in the fall of 2023 in Las Vegas, the URGO Foundation organized two events:

  • The Leg Ulcer and Compression day
  • And the USA Wound infection day.

The Leg Ulcer and Compression day

The objective of this training was to teach health professionals on issues around leg ulceration, and how to control it via compression. The session effectively met educational needs and increased participant competence, with 99% reporting satisfaction and 98% noting enhanced skills.

The training welcomed clinicians from various specialties, offering insights into leg anatomy, ulcer pathophysiology, and research findings. Emphasis was placed on addressing low compression therapy utilization and boosting confidence in its efficacy. NACCME, a professional organization in providing medical education, facilitated the session, ensuring compliance with Continued Medical Education (CME) certification standards.

About 300 participants attended, reflecting significant interest. This successful event highlights the importance of ongoing education and collaboration in improving healthcare practices and patient outcomes.

*North American Center for Continuing Medical Education

The USA Wound infection day

In the United States, wound infection management is a vital aspect of healthcare, demanding attention from clinicians across specialties. The Urgo Foundation’s initiative in this area stems from recognizing the pivotal role of local wound management in addressing infection concerns, complementing systemic antibiotic treatments.

The USA Wound Infection Days, hosted alongside the Fall Symposium on Advanced Wound Care (SAWC) in Las Vegas, attracted nearly 300 attendees and offered informative sessions and hands-on demonstrations facilitated by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs).

Partnered with NACCME, the program aimed to deepen understanding of wound infection management complexities and foster dialogue among stakeholders. The conference feedback highlighted the significance of addressing contentious topics like biofilms, prompting organizers to schedule a special session for further discussion in the Spring SAWC in Orlando 2024.

The event’s success, characterized by robust participation and engaging discussions, underscores a commitment to advancing wound care practices for the benefit of patients and healthcare providers alike.