Scientific Research

The URGO Foundation, which has made scientific research one of its core activities, is committed to advancing understanding patient care, both for disorders that affect a large segment of the population as well as for rare diseases, promoting learning, and developing solutions that are adapted to patients’ needs.

Since its creation,
the Foundation has contributed to research:

  • By rewarding researchers or helping research teams to pursue their work, by granting scientific prizes,
  • By awarding annual research fellowships to university students and post-doctoral researchers working within a research institution

Panels of renowned experts award these scholarships after a rigorous selection process based on specific criteria.

In 2019, the URGO Foundation supported 3 projects in woundcare in the United Kingdom.
Among other projects, the Foundation helped financing a digital and innovating educational tool for patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers.

In 2020, The Tissue Viability Society (TVS) Trustees were the recipients of the Urgo Foundation award for their Skin Care Champions Project.
The TVS identified an opportunity to facilitate an online education programme and support network which will develop ‘Skin Care Champions’ in the Care Home and Home Care sector, an area which up to now has been largely neglected.

TVS Trustees