Join the 2nd European Leg ulcer and Compression Days

Committed for better leg ulcer patients care, and strong from the success of the 1st Compression Days     in        2017, URGO Foundation organizes alongside healthcare practitioners the 2nd     European Leg ulcer and            Compression Days in November 2018.

Alongside scientific societies and specialists involved in leg ulcer management, the Foundation aims to go     further in    its mission to support better outcomes for leg ulcer patients by raising awareness and   increasing knowledge and skills in  leg ulcer care.  

Leg ulcers, a burden for patients, health care practitioners and healthcare systems

210 days, this is the average healing time of a leg ulcer1

For patients, this represents 210 days of suffering, isolation, reduced mobility: an alteration of their quality of life that can lead to depression.

For healthcare practitioners, this translates into dissatisfaction regarding patient care.

For healthcare systems, this means extended treatment duration and high costs.

Yet, with the right treatment, including effective venous compression, it is now possible to reduce healing time of patients suffering from leg ulcers.

This is why the EWMA has made reducing healing time of leg ulcer a priority2

Committed to this cause, Urgo Foundation partnered with scientific societies in France and Spain to organize the first European Compression Day in November 2017 with an aim to raise awareness and spread best practices in compression among healthcare professionals.


In France, over 300 healthcare professionals were trained on best practices in compression bandaging :

  • 11 walk-in workshops organized throughout France
  • A national colloque in Lyon

In Spain, more than 1900 healthcare professionals were reached and made aware of the importance of therapeutic compression

  • A symposium in Madrid
  • A live broadcast in streaming throughout Spain and Latin America
  • 11 satellite symposia in spanish regions


Strong with this first successful event, URGO Foundation organizes in 2018 with an aim to increase reach and promote a more holistic approach of leg ulcer patients: the United Kingdom will join the event, while focus extends to leg ulcer management and patient dialogue.

In France, the 2 highlights will be :

  1. Walk in workshops organized by leg ulcer treatment centers across France from 26th to 30th of November
  2. A national colloque ni Lille on November 29th with live streaming broadcast

In Spain, new educational content has been made available to healthcare professionals on the Mision Compresion website and a symposium will be held in Madrid on December 13th

In the United Kingdom, 3 regional workshops will be organized for 150 Tissue viability nurses on November 27th, 28thand 29th around the importance of patient dialogue

For the detailed programs and information, and to register for the events, please visit national websites :

-          UK:

-          Spain:

-          France: